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Gonotec Osmomat auto Osmometer - Med WOW décline toute responsabilité ou oblation qui dépendrait du contenu de cette page. Gonotec manufacturer specifications for Osmomat auto Osmometer on MedWOW medical equipment global. Osmomat auto, Gonotec. Osmomat 030 Manufacturer Specification;

Wheecon Instruments Private Limited. <strong>Gonotec</strong> GMBH - Osmometer

Wheecon Instruments Private Limited. Gonotec GMBH - Osmometer The Osmomat 010 is a universal cryoscopic osmometer for the determination of molar masses in benzene solution and of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. Gonotec GMBH, Germany develops. OSMOMAT 030 AUTOMATIC CRYOSCOPIC OSMOMETER for measurement of osmolality of aqueous solutions from small sample volumes based on.

<b>OSMOMAT</b> <b>030</b> 冰点渗透压仪 -

OSMOMAT 030 冰点渗透压仪 - Beskrivelse: For the determination of total osmolality in aqueous solutions. Gonotec渗透压仪 OSMOMAT 030 冰点渗透压仪. 2017-03-21 admin 145 产品介绍 OSMOMAT 030 系列.

<u>OSMOMAT</u> 3000-D – Built-in printer – Polygen

OSMOMAT 3000-D – Built-in printer – Polygen It is based on the well accepted measuring system of the Osmomat 030, which has been used for many years. Information GONOTEC Cryoscopic Osmometer 3000 – Built-in printer. Same as OSMOMAT standard version, but with built-in matrix printer using normal paper paper.

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OSMOMAT AUTO - GONOTEC - medicalexpo.fr L'information contenue dans cette page pourrait être partielle, incomplète, ou contenir des erreurs et des informations inexactes. OSMOMAT AUTO GONOTEC. La conception de l'automobile d'Osmomat est basée sur dix ans d'expérience avec le principe de mesure de l'Osmomat 030.

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